We are a team of professionals with more than 20 years of pet market experience.

We use our know-how in the management of businesses related to the pet segment market.

About Us

CEOPET SOLUÇÕES EM NEGÓCIOS PET is the leading company in Consulting and Marketing for companies and entrepreneurs of the pet segment. Our company focuses on providing complete service solutions and support for all phases of the business life cycle. Our mission is to partner with pet industry startup companies and provide them with cost effective services for success.

O Que Nós Fazemos

We are the only Consulting and Marketing company that offers comprehensive services, acting in all the areas with companies and industries of the Pet Market in the development of their businesses.

We are your growth partner in the pet industry. Our winning team has years of experience in creating and transforming pet product brands, pet service providers, and pet technology companies. Our custom solutions are designed to achieve the best results possible for our customers. Just call us, we'll help you tell the story of your brand to the world.

Our Mission

At CEOPET SOLUÇÕES EM NEGÓCIO, we help forward-thinking professionals to lead innovation in their company, and to be recognized as significant contributors to increased sales and business growth.

We pride ourselves on understanding pet industry companies of all shapes and sizes. In the end, our goal is simple: we want to highlight the best of your company and your team.

Our Focus

With thousands of agencies all over Brazil, only CEOPET focuses exclusively on companies in the pet industry. But why taking this path? It is because properly positioning a brand and conveying the exact message within the PET language takes time and many hours of absorbing complex solutions and research – so many agencies refuse or fail to do so.

Our focus on Consulting, Marketing, and Representation for the pet industry was not a mistake, but a proven history of helping medium- or large-sized startups stand out from the rest of the group. We are here not only to level the playing field, we are here to help you overcome competition.


CEOPET SOLUÇÕES EM NEGÓCIO is backed by over 20 years of combined experience in the pet industry. We live and breathe the PET world, from generation and demand design to data and results. Our team has launched and helped launch numerous innovative brands throughout Brazil and countries around the world. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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